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Good morning all,

This morning we are pleased to bring you some top tips on interior styling from one our super talented stylists Catherine Momcilovic. She delivers many of our projects styling solutions and styles for numerous Luxury lets across London.

So with not further ado here we go. We hope you enjoy.

Interior styling is the act of making an interior space the best it can be, while making the most of what you already have by adding some clever touches and also moving things around to make them feel and look new and refreshed. The styling also dictates the feel of the room - Scandi, Retro, Vintage or Glam - these cant always be dictated by the colour in your scheme.

Dressing and Styling Solutions

Updated injections of colour to make your walls pop again or a new rug to make a bare floor once again beautiful. Here are a few top tips for dressing and styling a room too make your interiors well thought out and fun again.

Resetting a room can make all the difference


Plump up those scatter cushions and fold those throws. Although only a little thing, this like making a bed once up and about in the morning, will definatly maximize your enjoyment of your interior space. I find resetting a room at the start of the day allows you a fresh start for the day ahead.

De-cluttering a room is essential


Put away or throw away unnecessary items that just wont work in the room - they may even look better in another room in the home so have a play around and see how you feel. Put away excess books or magazines and most definatly hide away life piles (anything that collects on table surfaces or next to sofas etc.) This simple decluttering technique will immediately make the room look less busy and will work wonders for achieving a place of calm and relaxation.

Bring in the outdoors to create a contrast


Now this certainly isn’t for those less green fingered amongst us, but I definatly find plants can bring a feeling of calm and a lovely contrast to a room scheme. Stick to green leafy plants - some of my favorites are paradise plants, cheese plants and rubber plants for their bold foliage but if you are looking for something a bit less impossing, asparagus ferns are dainty and bring a pretty injection of whispy green to the corner of any room. Depending on your space I normally find the bigger the better - when the sun comes out you will also find plants create beautiful shadows throughout the room.

Create depth and areas of focused interest

We love these prints of insects from Graham and Green


Why not try grouping accessories, I find placing objects in clusters of three or five in certain areas of the room creates a visually exciting display and something that really catches the eye when entering a room. Contrasting heights and colours of these objects both draw the eye and create depth and areas of focused interest.

A contrast of textures, colours and prints will bring the schemes together


For those of us who find working with colour hard why not try injecting colour into your interior space with the use of block colour home accessories or clashing, bold printed soft furnishings. The contrast of textures, colours and prints will help to harmonise and bring schemes together - its much easier to be confident adding a splash of colour through accessories than it is changing your entire paint scheme.

Cast an unusual glow across your interior with our Agate wall light from Graham and Green. A luxurious light fixture that has a curved back plate made from iron with a textured gold foil finish and space for a single bulb to shine shimmering light through the polished slice of natural agate stone diffuser.

Creating the perfect home


It is important to not let your interior space get neglected - creating the perfect home is always a work in progress and I truly believe a project is never entirely finished! I find when coming back from a holiday or a weekend away we see our spaces with new eyes and so are in the best position to re-evaluate! Sometimes all that needs to be done is a quick move around of the furniture!

“interior stylists, deliver style and elegance

to transform your home, property or event”

I’ve found some of my favorite home accessories for you to leave you feeling inspired! I am loving gold metallic, deep blues and steely grays this month and have based my searches around swatches of Farrow and Ball’s beautiful Brassica, Babouche and Hague Blue paint colours which are very on trend this Autumn/Winter 2016.

Property Stylists, Home Staging by Inspired Solutions Group

(L-R) Cushion - John Lewis, £30, ‘Hague Blue’ paint - Farrow and Ball, Tala Marble Wall Shelf - Graham and Green, £85, ‘Babouche’ paint - Farrow and Ball, Sliced Agate Wall Sconce - Graham and Green, £89, Bamboo Bar Cart - Graham and Green, £425, ‘Brassica’ paint - Farrow and Ball, Insect Wall Art - Graham and Green, £29 - 58, Cushion - Harlequin @ John Lewis, £45.

Signing off message …

Make all you do be filled with learning. Create your own opportunities allowing you to work on incredible projects, in wonderful environments and with exceptional people. Be proactive in connecting great people to great people, this will help build a great network and also allow you to be part of some magnificent collaborations. Walk your walk with a joyous spring in your step!

Our thoughts create our reality! It’s up to you, whatever you think it will be, it will be.

Until next time, we thank you!


If you need some guidance then we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Blog post by Zooey Harris & Catherine Momcilovic

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