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INSPIRED SOLUTIONS GROUP are proud to feature artist Patti Kane. Beautifully selected, artwork and w

Inspired Solutions Group - Featured Artist Patti Kane - "Sea Spray"  mixed media oil, acrylic, wax on canvas

Dear All,


As London Art Consultants, sourcing artwork and sculptures and designing art schemes for your home, garden, office, hotel, show home or luxury development we are bringing you art from around the Globe and this month we are featuring Patti Kane’s fabulous artwork.

Beautiful art and wonderful colour pallets

Inspired Solutions Group featured fab artist Patti Kane - "Reflection"  acrylic on canvas  16" x 16"

As a self-taught intuitive artist and gallery owner based in Greenwich, CT, USA Patti’s work is inspired by nature, the ocean and elements of light and energy which we absolutely love.

"Harmony"  acrylic on canvas 24" x 24" By featured artist Patti Kane

Patti's paintings evoke a sense of soulfulness and capture movement and flow of energy through the use of vibrant colours and texture, creating a visceral feeling of positive energy.


  1. What are the room dimensions?

  2. Is it for a sitting room, a bedroom an office or hotel or restaurant?

  3. What colour scheme is the room or space?

  4. What dimensions will be best for the piece of art?

  5. What is the wall construction?

  6. Where do the electrics run within the walls?

  7. Do you want a collection of pieces?

  8. Are you looking for one or two large pieces?

  9. What paint medium do you require?

  10. Do you want the artwork to have warmth or impact or both?

Stunning art for your home

Inspired Solutions Group featured artist: Patti Kane - "New Moon"  acrylic on canvas  30" x 30"

We will definitely be featuring more of Patti’s superb work in the near future. These pieces are absolutely perfect for homes, offices or hotels and can be commissioned in large sizes and fit in beautifully with our bespoke interior design and furnishing schemes. Remember that when your are commissioning art that you need to factor in a reasonable lead time.

Superb art for your hotel, show home

or luxury development


If you need some guidance or would like to commission a piece of Patti’s work then we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us on:



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Signing off message …

Make all you do be filled with learning. Create your own opportunities allowing you to work on incredible projects, in wonderful environments and with exceptional people. Be proactive in connecting great people to great people, this will help build a great network and also allow you to be part of some magnificent collaborations. Walk your walk with a joyous spring in your step!

Our thoughts create our reality! It’s up to you, whatever you think it will be, it will be.

Until next time, we thank you!

Art Consultant | Artwork and Wall Décor | UK Home and Garden

Beautifully selected, artwork and wall decor for your home, office, pool house, hotel or garden.

Blog post by Zooey Harris of Inspired Solutions Group

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