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Please call or email to arrange full consultation or to book your site visit, to discuss your project, if you require our full project management, design and build or full interior design service.


Once we receive your information/wish list and payment in full we will commence with your design specification. 

Your Master Design Plan will be completed over a 4 week period (depending upon the number of rooms). This will be delivered directly to you via Royal Mail in your personalised Project Folder.


  • This service is an ideal solution if you are looking to re-design a single room or your entire home. It is perfect if you are into design and DIY’s (Do it yourself), working with a modest budget, but not needing our full design service.


    Our Online Interior Design Service is most effective if you want the following:


    • A Master Plan you can implement at your pace, convenience and when your budget allows


    • If you are doing a small scale, rather than a large scale project


    • A blue print that will give you an overview of everything you need


    • If you live further afield but really want the benefit and support of a London design service


    For over two decades we have specialised in the mid to high-end property market. From interior design, to complex renovation and restoration projects, for prime principle residences, hotels, buy to let portfolios, regeneration projects to new builds. This puts us in a unique position to help you achieve wonderful results for your home.


    We will help you by answering your design questions, inform you of what you need and what contractors you require. This will give you the confidence to achieve super results for your project.

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