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Experts top tips and guide for your home renovation and self-build, projects.

This is your professional guide to home renovation, from concept to completion. It includes self build tips, a guide to project management and renovation budgets that will help you to prepare and design a stunning project.

Find out how best to deal with your local planning authority and how to find and appoint the best architect for your renovation with self build tips. We’ll guide you on how to appoint the best main contractor and sub contractors, how to prepare schedule of works, contractors invoices, insurance, part wall surveyors and how to put together your dream team for your project etc.


4 manuals
4 CD’S




    Do you have a penchant for planning and an eye for design? Do you like the idea of working for yourself, making your own money and calling the shots? Property developing can be stressful work, but with the right planning, a great location and clever marketing it can be very lucrative and profitable indeed. 


    If done right, the rewards for being a professional property developer are huge, but the stakes are high and you can suffer disastrous results if you underestimate even one aspect of your renovation or self-build project, from design and specification to contractors and contingency.


    We at Inspired Solutions Group have taken over 15 years of experience in building and design and translated that into two manuals and four CDs full of printable and downloadable documents and resources to help you achieve your full renovation potential. From professional educational material such as creating renovation budgets, dealing with your local planning authority, project management and where to find the perfect architect for your project, we take you all the way from concept to completion, including information and advice on how to prepare a schedule of works, how to create invoices for your contractors and putting together the best possible team for your project.


    Our industry experts know what they’re talking about whether it’s building or design, and with helpful tips such as 100 design and architecture tips which can help to increase the value of your renovation, development or new build, and 25 top tips on how to work with your estate agent to sell your property we’ve provided everything you need to become an expert yourself. Including a DVD to help guide you smoothly through the process, colour charts, and downloadable spreadsheets we give you the expert information on creating the blue print for your first project and any other projects you might want to undergo in the future.


    Whether you’re looking for advice on budgeting, design or marketing your property, our expert’s introduction to renovating and self-builds is compiled with you in mind, written by experts to give you a head start in the property world, you’ll get the low-down on increasing curb appeal, how to investigate your target market and even what type of insurance you might need. 


    No matter if this is your first or your fortieth renovation, development or self-build, starting a new project is always a scary thought. With the aid of our manuals and accompanying CDs you’ll have a clear, well laid-out sequence of events to stick to, alongside helpful tips and tricks to maximise your profit and minimise your stress. From finding the right builder to staging the home for sale, no detail is too small or insignificant when your money’s on the line.

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